Marina Clemens, Executive Director, Drouillard Place, Windsor

“I have known Martha for many years and was extremely pleased when she decided to return to her H.R. consulting business. With all the new updates to the AODA, Workplace Violence and other H.R. policies, I found myself buried with my regular work load and not getting to these necessary updates to our policies and procedures. One phone call to Martha eased my stress as she understands the demands placed on not for profit organizations and so we met and over the past few weeks, our policies have been updated and restructured into a much more user friendly format. Most importantly her suggestions for usage by staff will save many trees as everything will be on a secure staff cloud file which allows updates to be made quicker and will save me a great deal of time. Martha is a wonderful, easy person to work with and her knowledge of all H.R. policies and pertinent government legislation goes beyond what I could do on my own. I would highly recommend any agency or business to engage her services, you will be left with the most up to date manual and you will feel confident and sure that your agency or business is in compliance with all government legislation.

Michelle Hurtubise, BA, M.H.Sc. (Health Administration), ORSCC, Executive Director, London InterCommunity Health Centre, London

“I have worked with Martha for 14 years as our HR consultant. When we were a smaller organization, she was our sole HR advisor. As we got larger and were able to recruit our own full-time HR specialist, Martha assisted us in the recruitment, and in occasional consulting for more complex situations.

Martha is an exceptional HR professional. In the early years of working with her, there were some complex issues that had been years in the making. Martha is unflappable in her approach to resolving issues, always ready to provide options that responded to different approaches to resolving the issue. I always knew that no matter what the issue I called her with, she was going to work with me to resolve it in a way that fit the integrity and values of our organization and me as a leader, as well as being supportive to the staff involved.

Martha has helped us resolve outstanding compensation issues, harassment and bullying claims, recruitment support, accommodations plans, and, just generally working through the employment challenges of a quickly growing organization working in the challenging world of health care. She has proven herself to be informed, compassionate, and an incredibly good value for her services. Whenever other small to medium non-profits have been looking for HR consultations, I have been confident to refer them to Martha, knowing they are going to get a timely service that will meet their needs. She is a real pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services.”

Marina Clemens, Executive Director, Drouillard Place, Windsor

“ This letter will act as a recommendation from Drouillard Place for Martha Young and Associates. Martha and me met to discuss the possibility of her company assisting us in updating our Human Resources policies, our salary grids, our pay equity plan and our job descriptions.

Martha took our policies and not only updated them to be in compliance with the most recent legislation but assisted me in deciding both chapter and text for topics such as Health and Safety, Conflict of Interest and a Retirement policy.

Martha’s expertise in all these relevant matters, her easy and non threatening attitude made me feel so comfortable that our time together passed quickly and was so highly productive that we were able to finish the work well before my deadline for the volunteer board committee.

I believe Martha is able to not only serve the needs of small agencies like Drouillard Place but she is so well versed in Human Resource subjects that any size of business will profit from her experience and expertise.”

Sheila Gordon Executive Director, Teen Health Centre, Windsor

“I engaged the services of Martha Young and Associates to assist our agency with a variety of Human Resources requirements. She has reviewed our policies and procedures to ensure they are current and comply with all relevant employment legislation, such as Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Code, etc. She has provided invaluable guidance in addressing our most urgent changes and identifying changes and improvements that can be made over the longer term.

Most importantly Martha has provided excellent advice and guidance to our supervisors in the management of performance issues. Having Martha Young and Associates as our Human Resource consultants is like having a department within the organization, without the cost.

She is very responsive to our needs, provides guidance that is understandable and practical and develops options and solutions that we can easily implement. My staff have attended workshops she has presented and found the information presented to be of the highest quality and yet extremely practical. Her solutions are straightforward and easy to achieve.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services to your organization.”

Stephen Govette Human Resources and Corporate Support Administrator, Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor

"In May 2003 our organization contracted with Ms. Young for an educational workshop on Human Rights in the workplace. This presentation was provided to our Bargaining Unit and Management group, with some customization for each to remain relevant.

Ms. Young was well prepared and knowledgeable on this topic, providing current information regarding the Human Rights Code of Ontario in a thought provoking and engaging manner. Her presentation style allowed excellent interaction among the staff, generating discussion surrounding this important topic that continued well after the presentation finished.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Young to any organization contemplating educating their workforce on this timely and essential area of legislation."

Sheila Wisdom Executive Director, United Way/Centraide, Windsor-Essex County

"June 30, 2004
To Whom it May Concern:

United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County engaged Martha Young and Associates to conduct a Task Analysis of its Finance Department.

The deliverables for the project were:
  1. A task analysis of the work currently carried out in the Finance Department of United Way.
  2. A description of the functions required to support the business practices and work of United Way.
  3. Recommendations for an alignment of the functions in a manner that maximizes resources and provides flexibility for changes in work requirements. (These recommendations could include reassignment of work to other departments.)

The project included analysis of job descriptions and interviews with current staff, a review of best practices in other United Ways, and a review and to ensure adequate internal controls and compliance with generally accepted accounting practices.

United Way was extremely pleased with the efficiency of M. Young and the calibre of the work performed. The final report was complete and included a summary of current practices, an evaluation of their efficacy and recommendations where appropriate.

If you require further information about this, please contact me at 519-258-3033 ext. 1126 or swisdom@weareunited.com .

Yours truly,

Sheila Wisdom
Executive Director

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