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November 3rd, 2004:


Reforms Promote Continued Prosperity

TORONTO--The McGuinty government is promoting stable labour relations and economic prosperity by introducing legislation that would ensure fairness and choice in Ontario's workplaces, Labour Minister Chris Bentley announced today.

"Since 1990, Ontario's labour laws have swung unfairly in favour of one side or the other," said Bentley. "We intend to restore balance, giving all Ontarians equal confidence in our laws. This would promote the harmony and stability in the workplace that are vital for a prosperous and productive economy."

If passed, the Labour Relations Statute Law Amendment Act, 2004, would:

  • Eliminate measures that promote an unhealthy working relationship among employers and employees in Ontario. For example, employers would no longer be required to post de-certification information in all unionized workplaces, and unions would not have to disclose the name, salary and benefits of all directors, officers and employees earning $100,000 or more a year.
  • Restore to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) the power to remedy the worst labour relations conduct by either side during an organizing drive. For example, the OLRB would be able - as a last resort - to grant union certification when an employer violates labour laws, or dismiss a certification application when a union violates the law.
  • Re-establish a card-based certification system for the construction sector in addition to the existing vote system. Currently, a vote must always be held before a union can be certified. The card-based system would permit automatic union certification if more than 55 per cent of employees sign cards to join a union.
  • Prevent consecutive strikes from paralyzing the homebuilding industry, as happened in 1998. The act would make permanent the special bargaining and dispute resolution regime for residential construction in the Toronto area in place since 2001.

"Our proposals are designed to achieve choice, fairness and balance in Ontario's labour relations. By giving all players confidence in the system, it will create the stability necessary to assure the ongoing prosperity of the province," said Bentley.


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Written By: Ministry of Labour
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