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December 14th, 2004:


Delivers On Plan To Protect Workers, Make Workplaces Safer

TORONTO — As part of its plan to prevent 60,000 workplace injuries per year by 2008, the McGuinty Government today began training 100 new occupational health and safety inspectors, Labour Minister Chris Bentley announced.

“This is an important day for health and safety in Ontario,” said Bentley. “We plan to cut workplace injuries by 20 per cent in four years. It will mean less pain and suffering for people. Additionally, it will reduce the burden on the health care system, result in savings for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and level the playing field for companies that operate safely.”

On July 8, 2004, the government announced it would hire 200 more enforcement staff under a major health and safety initiative. Today, Bentley welcomed 100 new inspectors to their first training session. Over the next three months, the inspectors will receive classroom and hands-on instruction and they will begin work across Ontario in April.

An additional 100 health and safety enforcement staff will be hired over the next year to complete the government’s recruitment drive.

The new inspectors will:

  • Allow the ministry to initially target 6,000 workplaces with the highest lost-time injury rates
  • Visit these sites four times a year
  • Focus on workplace hazards to help firms reduce on-the-job injuries

“Increased enforcement will promote safer workplaces and make Ontario the place to be for years to come,” said Bentley.


Peter Fitzpatrick
Minister's Office

Belinda Sutton
Ministry of Labour

Written By: Ministry of Labour
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