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  Martha Young has an Honours BA in Psychology, a Certificate in Human Resources Management and has completed the well-respected University of Windsor and Stitt, Feld, Handy Group courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution and On Line Negotiation. She also completed the Foundations of Professional Coaching Program from the Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching.

Martha is a Certified Human Resources Professional, CHRL, and has extensive experience working with large and medium-sized unionized organizations and working with small organizations lacking in-house HR expertise. Prior to developing her own business, she held senior Human Resources Management positions and was a member of the organizationís senior management team. Martha approaches the management of an organizationís human resources with innovative and creative strategies and understands the need to link people with strategic goals and business objectives.

Additionally, Martha is a Management Nominee on Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Grievance Arbitration Panels.

Martha is active in her community, as Past President of the Board of Directors of The House of Sophrosyne, Past Chair of the Board of Leadership Advancement for Women and Sport, and has also served on boards of other non-profit organizations.

Martha has recruited associates who have expertise in their respective fields and complement her expertise and experience in Human Resources Management.

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